Insights Into Key Criteria In does weed kill brain cells

Does cannabis make you stupid: Smoking cannabis does not make you stupid, concludes a study contrary to other research that linked getting stoned to reduced cognitive function in teens. Research on how marijuana impacts the growing brain goes back decades. Most studies have compared cannabis users to non users at an individual time, and so cannot assess how brain function over the years changes; any observed differences might have always existed, bud or not.

A 2012 study in the Duke University has led us to consider, in part at least, that smoking bud can be hazardous to the brains of young folks. That is especially prevalent during adolescent development, i.e., during the teen years and into early maturity, with the study concluding that cannabis use leads to:

does weed make you dumb

The study didn’t consider other environmental factors, does weed kill brain cells which have been shown to have a larger impact on both bud use, and a decrease in the brains of young people.

Maybe when you are asking, does weed kill brain cells, you want to know if weed makes you stupid, when you smoke or if memory loss is long-lasting,. The short reply is that when you abstain from marijuana for four to eight weeks most THC related effects on the mind wear off after acute exposure, or are re-established. However, specialists have no idea of the long term effects and long-lasting changes cannabis can cause on the mind, especially to memory processing.

But the burning question is whether does cannabis make you stupid or hurts the mind in the long run. Brain scan studies in humans suggest that cannabis may be linked to anatomical brain changes, for example shrinking of amygdale, a brain region that processes reward, emotion and fear. Researchers must follow individuals over time, ideally gathering information about their cognition and intelligence before they began using cannabis to truly tease out the effect of marijuana alone.

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