how to help a migraine is the reply on how to relieve migraine

People who suffer with migraine have hardly any alternative with them to get relief from your splitting head ache. Most of the drugs available is said to have long list of side effects that’s why they may be risky to be used for an extended period of time. During the 80s it was found that people who’ve given up smoking pot after a long-lasting use started to suffer from migraine. So according to some folks it was the pot that was preventing migraine in those individual.

This plant was used as natural treatment since time immemorial. Bud is said to be used for many functions like, easing the symptoms related to nauseating, pain relief, appetite enhancer, eye pain etc. and cancer and HIV, vomiting In regards to migraine there is no sound proof of cannabis curing migraine.


Irrespective of what the present status of the discussion is there are thousands of people that are finding relief for their how to help a migraine by using bud but the issues is that since there’s no proper guideline how much to use or what strategy to use some people are confused but according to some individuals starting with a modest amount is a shrewd choice.

They can be also of the view the side effects from using cannabis as migraine relief is not considerably greater than compared to other medicines. There are several medical practitioners at the moment who are at the vanguard of using cannabis as the migraine treatment that is absolute. There are some several sort of cannabis that are taken to quit the migraine episode.

Now many of the states permit using cannabis as medicine. In fact some states has recorded marijuana as a legal medicine for treating migraine. But there’s no appropriate research on using bud as the main treatment for migraine. So there is absolutely no suitable dosage or the best method to use it. The best way will be by the physician, as any specialist would say. No drugs should be used before consulting the doctor. This really is the golden rule for anyone with medical condition.

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