How long do edibles last- the effect of weed edibles

The high effect of weed can last up to 10 hours and it can obviously last longer than smoking. Know that there is no chance of us dying of an overdose on weed. While this is true, it may also be noted that that the effects of eating too much edible weed can be unpleasant and scary. This is the reason why some states has made a law where a customer can buy only 15mg of edible THC per day. But this law does not apply to every state, other states have different law for buying edibles.

The possibilities and flavours of products are endless. People prefer the edibles because of so many reasons. Some because they can be discreet about their weed usage, some because they are clean, no odour, no coughing and also because they are tasty. But between all these some people forget it is drug and they end up eating more than they should. That is when things gets out of hand. So just remember to stick to the rule. edibles-weed2

According to some health centres they receives a great deal number of calls on weed related problems. And out of all the calls the most number is from taking too much edibles. In some case they get a call saying their kids and pets have ate the cannabis infused edible. For kids and pets the effects can be a lot stronger than on adults, so be wise and keep the edibles away from kids and pets. The dose of THC will also decide how long do edibles last. It can be fatal sometimes.

Some kids are even put in ICU because of the high dose of weed. This can really have negative impact on the kid and it may even last for a long time. So be precautious about these things and lock away the edibles when you are not around.

If ever there is a case of excessive dose of edibles on you, the kid or the pets, make sure to call the doctors and report it. Sometimes there will be difficulty of breathing and walking, if any such thing happen call the emergency room first thing.

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