How does marijuana affect you and your sexual health?

Medical marijuana has not been useless for treating various disorders, which contains both physical and psychiatric ailments. Researches and various studies pointing towards cannabis as an option for successful treatment has made law makers to pursue the notion of legalizing marijuana.

That is happening in various states on the planet. One medical matter that medical marijuana has made a large impact on is sexual health. It’s been found that marijuana has a primary effect on sexual health of men as it does on girls. It effects sex life satisfaction and the sex life.

6On the other hand, studies may also be conducted on whether marijuana is beneficial to sexual health. There is no direct research on effects of marijuana the male organ receptors, because of the stringent law imposed. But the exact same research was conducted on animals and it was found that bud was more of a sexual inhibitor as an alternative to sexual enhancer.

Based on several reports and info accumulated it can be said that marijuana can increase the risk of impotence problems. The feeling of high when the THC reaches the brain can interfere with the normal functions.

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