Fundamental Aspects In Cotton spandex fabric – An A-Z

13Digital printing on fabric has made it possible to have varieties on colors with different patterns in one single design. It has opened up an ocean of creative designing on printed rayon fabric. Designers can now g wild with their imagination and see their creations on fabric.

Digital printing on fabric saves production cost for the manufacturers. With digital printing on fabric, it is now possible to print small samples easily which reduces wasting yards of fabric. Manufacturers also use the same printer to print sample design and also to print the final product.

This not only reduces the cost of logistics for the manufacturers but also helps the clients to see how their final design would actually look like. Since printing samples is easy and cheaper, it also means that small orders can be fulfilled with digital printing. There is no minimum order that has to be placed by clients. Clients can now print a single design or can place less quantity order. The cost of printing depends on the quantity; less quantity means cheaper cost of printing.

Digital printing of fabric also reduces ink usage. There is less wastage and usage of ink in digital printing than traditional screen printing. This in turns lead to less chemical wastage and reduce earth pollution. Digital printing also allows small length sample printing; this reduces the wastage of fabric as well as ink. The initial investment for setting up digital printing technology is cheaper than screen printing logistics. Digital printing is viable for small time printers or to start fabric printing business.

It is now possible to create your own unique designs on fabrics. You can make your clothes unique with your own creative design. You can also use it to print curtains and sheets with your own creation. Printing less quantity is now possible with digital printing which was not available in screen printing.

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